Saturday, 15 May 2021

The motivated mind: I can do it !!!


             The motivated mind: I can do it !!!

We, human beings are always in a kind of hypnotic trance and are hypnotized by our beliefs, situations, and attractions of our surrounding world and sometimes we also make temporary consciousness out of it.

We do also work and think in a trance-like state. We need to somehow awaken and make the mind multidimensional that means simply dehypnotize ourselves. 

To Come out of this conditioned or limited mind we require to shed our routine thoughts. Let our mind be free from its prejudices thinking and also from believing that there is nothing beyond a certain set of imposed barriers and limitations. 

There are ways to unleash or set the mind, free. We can uncondition our conditioned mind. 

First, understand that our mind has been conditioned, and know there is a way to set it free. Then explore the ways and means of doing this; and implement what we discover. 

Here is the story from my experience -it illustrates how I get carried with conditioned thinking. Here, conditioned thinking is referred to as a process of our mind that has been practiced repeatedly to think in a certain way.

For a specific period and reason , my cooking skills had to remained underdeveloped particularly in “the traditional” food numbers. Though I could cook normal food nicely.  I learned a lot from my mother-in-law and commenced enjoying an unexplored area of cooking. She was one of the best chefs to learn from.

As time went by,  now I can cook whatever I think of;  any continental or traditional cuisine ( good or not good but I do not restrict myself to cook it). 

But yes, there was a time when by getting repeatedly not-so-good comments on some of my cooked foods, and, also not being satisfied with myself; gradually, I started conditioning my mind that I just can not cook good food. Then, I even restricted myself voluntarily on cooking those food items. 

The motivated mind

It was a conscious hypnotic state for me to think of not being a good cook. 

Fortunately, soon I realized that when I have cooked with the free mind ( being unconscious with my so-called belief that I can not cook well) I did wonder....and made many flavorful snacks and meals.

Witnessing my vibrant cooking skills after then; I can say that my unconscious “motivated mind” helped me not only to emerge out of the hypnotic trance of my own pseudo belief but also discovered new skills in me. Now I always cook food with a free mind which is not restricted to any prejudices...and I am enthusiastically satisfied with it.

Friday, 15 May 2020

"Uncertainty and balancing life"

"Uncertainty and balancing life"

Life comprises a string of events that emerge one after another. Some of these events which occur like clockwork already possess a claim for their inevitable affairs; particularly birth, death, and our survival in it.

These events take place in every individual's life irrespective of his gender, age, financial or social status, and also whether he is good or evil in other’s wisdom. Though each of us knows that these events must take place at their destined time, there are certain elements of ‘uncertainty’ around them, and this are what make life more interesting.

There are several occasions in life when things seem to be really gloomy and no way out or no ray of light to be seen but eventually, these situations pass as there is no assurance that things have to be as they are. Thus, uncertainty sometimes also builds hope to live and is the reason for us to smile. 

Certainty is fine, but if it displaces this uncertainty in our life affairs, it will make life kinda boring as there will be no domain for speculation and nothing to anticipate in that case. What about the fun and excitement quotient for watching, or playing a game in which you already came to know who the winner is going to be? 

This elucidates, it is the uncertainty around the aftermath of the game that compels us to watch it. 

Therefore, pondering upon what life is all about, I speculate that it is not a steady voyage, but is filled with lots and lots of twists and turns arising mainly from these uncertainties. And in between these uncertainties, life’s voyage is navigated by our frequently shifting set of priorities, interests, wishes, and influence driven thoughts.

Considering myself, I have noticed that pursuing one interest has caused another to dwindle such as when my occupation of teaching becomes the main area of focus, my family and social life subsides. 

In this way, I discovered that ship of life needs a constant balancing act to propel through the anticipated voyage. Of course, there are a few who seemingly do it all and do it well, too. Nevertheless, they appear to be balancing it all by sacrificing at least a minute bit of either their career or family life or interests.

‘This is an art and artist needs to be applauded.’  

Uncertainty and balancing life

Now, here I perplex on some thoughts, 

‘Is there any way to do this without any compromise? ;

‘Can anyone really balance this perfectly, or is this just an illusion?’ ;

‘However, if a compromise is obliged for a balanced life, then doesn't the whole scenario change? ’ ;

‘If this is so, then a balanced life seems to be an illusion without compromising? Or do people who seem to have things in balance without compromise, perceive life differently? ’

It's not that all is smooth and steady in people’s career and family life, who balancing their life’s scenario; but perhaps it might be the way they look at things. Their idea of accepting things as they are and non-attachment to these things by letting them the way they are, that makes them so successful!

'Their perception of their life's' condition is the key to their balanced life.’

Earlier, I would be surprised to see some people simply float through life And would have found it hard to accept their attitude of gratitude even in adverse situations. Then, as time passed, I realized they were the ones who had figured out the exact meaning of life! So I gradually embarked on imitating them.

Truly, it was and is a real challenge- like balancing a small log piece in the fast-moving shaky currents of a river! And it has to be done without a facet of blame! And what I conclude is.......

Life gives us many second chances to do things up to our utmost satisfaction level and balancing act never ends.

It's a tricky match between our will power and our uncertain fate where winner and loser are never known. So, enjoy this game of life without taking either of the sides and be determined to pursue it despite setbacks. 

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Prayers: a contented state of being

It was Sunday morning, I with my two daughters was offering the worship together. The younger one was in a hurry so as soon as we completed our prayers, she asked me for ’Prasad: a food offering made to God’, and went outside to play. However, I did not have any complaint about it as already she had the patience to do prayers with all her attention. 

However, I was astounded over my elder daughter who was still there with no sign of rush; she seemed to be thinking about something. Holding a white petalled flower in her hand palm, she looked at me, and asked ”Do our prayers reach God? ” I was not surprised as it was the same question that I had in my mind when I was of her age. I kept one of my hand on her shoulder and replied, “ Before answering this particular question, I want you to understand the purpose of prayer. I looked at the flower in her hand and continued, ”When a flower blossoms, it spreads its fragrance but the main purpose of the flower is to bloom; not to ensure that the fragrance spread everywhere. Thus ’our prayers are merely a means to reach to God!’. They are not at all like demands so that we have an eagerness to find out whether the demands would be fulfilled or not. 

The little girl smiled; reflecting her gratification. She offered the flower to the idol of Lord Krishna and went to join her sister.

Though I have already answered the question ’Do our prayers reach God?’, my mind, as usual, started pondering in an emerging world of ’interconnected questions’. However, heartful thinking never fails to answer.

Why did this question arise? If a prayer is called to be a prayer, it is enough. But the real question is, do our prayers come from the heart? If they do, then it is certainly enough. If a prayer weighed down with demands is not a prayer at all. The sanctity of the prayer lies in desirelessness. 

What is prayer? Reading or verbalising some words cannot be called prayer. No matter how many times we repeat the words if our heart is not moved, it is not true prayer. Only the strong emotions of affection emerging from our heart can transform us, not those borrowed words.

Prayer does not mean memorising certain words and repeating them. To say something that has been memorised is like replaying a tape. Whatever is borrowed, memorised or prep in advance is not a prayer. That which is ours, spontaneous and not rehearsed, is a prayer. The more prepared you are, the more superficial you and your prayer will be.

Prayers, seem to have disappeared from this world because they are taught, instead of being kindled. And since such prayer is not kindled from within, life remains empty. Therefore the very act of teaching makes it worthless.

It is the same as with respect and affection. You can't be taught both of them. These are spontaneous things. If you, 'study' how to respect and affectionate, they become artificial. This kind of respect, this kind of affection is not real. All you need is the opportunity to manifest it.

For instance, if someone wants to sleep, what he do? He can draw the curtains to prevent the light from entering the room. He can make his bed nice and cosy. He can switch on the fan. All these efforts are not to get sleep, but to overcome the obstacles to sleeping, such as light, an uncomfortable bed, heat and so on. All these can be helpful in sleeping, but they can't bring sleep; sleep comes on its own.

It is the same with prayer. Just detach yourself from the noise outside. Sit by yourself for some time, forget the world and connect with your inner self. Dig deep within initially, you may encounter just pebbles, stones, but if you keep digging deeper within yourself, a fountain of bliss will spring forth. Wait for it patiently.

True prayer begins as a request to change oneself and culminates in a tranquil silent and thoughtless state of mind. On the other side, any request for changing circumstances cannot be called a prayer. That would be sheer begging.

For centuries, begging has been practised in the name of prayer; that is why such prayer does not blossom in the heart to give joy.

Prayer is a serene state of mind, and not mere chanting of a mantra for the fulfilment of a desire. Some pray in the belief that if you ask with faith, you will receive it. They believe that begging is praying. But the enlightened beings say that if we entertain desire such as, ‘ I hope I get this, I hope I don't get that’,  then it is not prayer. The moment desires are appended to prayer, the wings of worship are clipped.

Everyone’s prayer is different, but the inner state from where prayers emerge is the same. Prayer is an inner expression of joy and a contented state of being.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Mind and health synchronization

During last few decades, I have noticed that, diseases related to stress and life style have increased tremendously. Occasionally I have also experienced the same but analysing the 'Mind-health synchronization': I am overpowering them.

Mind and health synchronization

Actually, stress related diseases first originate in one's mind then affect physically. It's our belief system, attitudes, habits or situations that lands us in mental instability results in poor mental health.

Some of the major warning signals of poor mental health are:

- Continuously unhappy
- Always worrying
- Mood swings
- Depression
- Disability to be with people
- Often get upset- if routine is disturb

And can cause multiple aches like regular insomnia: a sleep disorder, lethargy: a fatigue syndrome, or obesity, where no many times physical cause is detected.

All of these have direct impact on mental,  social, and physical health, due to which a series of hormonal changes occur. Many endocrine glands in the body get disturbed includes thyroid, parathyroid,  adrenal, ovaries, testis, pancreas,  pituitary and hypothalamus. It also found that stress also affects autonomous nervous system disturbing bodily functions like digestion and respiration, deteriorating our health.

Need to control over this, we have to check out for our cortisol levels. Cortisol is a ‘stress hormone’ that our bodies release in response to anxiety in mind; over prolonged periods, higher cortisol levels have been linked to a wide range of health derangements like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, a lowered immune response, arthritis and various other diseases including depression. Apparently our mind can make one sick or speed the healing process by stress management: poor or good, correspondingly.

It's important to note that "mind" is not synonymous with brain which we often think to be same. Instead, the mind consists of mental states such as thoughts, emotions, beliefs, attitudes, and images. The brain is the hardware kind that allows us to experience these mental states. Each mental state has a physiology associated with it—a positive or negative effect felt in the physical body. For example, the mental state of anxiety causes you to produce stress hormones. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can positively or negatively affect our health and body.

Now we understand 'mind' plays a vital role in promoting or deteriorating one's health.

On the other hand, what we do with our physical body: what we eat; quality and quantity, how much we exercise, even our posture can impact our mental state positively or negatively. 

Thus Mind and health synchronization is very much important to work on as both have an interrelationship between them. 

If we can strengthen this connection positively and understand it, we can conquer stress and related diseases. This can be achieved by empowering inner self by meditation and yoga like therapies as well as by paying attention to the inner world of thoughts, feelings, attitudes, visions to connect with the outer material world in better way and importantly, it will build up a good health and mind sync.

All of us can lead  to a successful happy and healthy life by having a positive mind outlook that not only can improve quality of life but also give our health a boost and this is what 'mind and health synchronization'. 

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Awareness about plastics and single use plastics

Nowadays, What's app is successfully crawling the message of 'plastic ban' over an environmental awareness and I am sensibly happy for it because I have already implemented it, a year back. Though I am trying hard enough, it's really difficult to get out of this 'plastic world' completely. 

Plastics are synthetic polymers of organic origin and have enormous 'easy to use'  properties like light weight, water proof , transparent as well as available with all colour shades, non-corrosive, easy to mold in various shapes and sizes, resistance to shock, low electrical and thermal conductivity, good durability, low cost, easy to manufacture and many more. Thus how we are addicted to the convenience of plastics and made them part of our everyday life: at home, work places, automobiles, construction areas, medical fields and other sectors. 

Eventually our convinient plastics are presenting many problems. As plastics are made from petroleum, a crude oil product by heating and catalysing the monomers like ethylene and propylene into polymers like polyethylene and polypropylene; which are not found in nature and thus there are no organisms capable of decomposing or degrading it over thousands of years, letting them polluting the environment at staggering rate. Beside this, plastics are flammable and can not be safely burnt releasing toxic chemicals in to environment which can be responsible for health hazards like cancer, birth defects, impaired immunity and many other ailments. Plastics are killing  animals and birds as they eat plastics products by mistake.Plastics are also when seeps into water bodies like river and oceans, they adversely affect aquatic life as well litter up our beautiful shorelines.

Coming to the solutions, landfill sites provided a good option where all the waste is gets desposed off and mostly of it is plastics. We produce millions of plastics every year and more than half of it goes to landfills as waste from all over the world, thinking as our planet is large one but it is not that large as we think it is. We are sharing it with billions of people, altogether contribute to plastic waste at an alarming rate and we can not escape from the consequences of throwing away that much of plastics which take hundreds of years to break down. Obiviously, it would end in making our planet as 'plastic planet'.

So what are other options ?

For the sake of a good environmental profile, we also have 3Rs :- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, well known waste management programmes.

Reduce is about cutting down the amount of waste that we are making. Example: Use washable dishes instead of paper plates and cups.

Reuse means opting out different ways to use waste and avoid throwing it all put. Example: plastic cup and containers can be reused to store things or can become a part of art and craft projects.

Recycle is a method of using the trash for remaking new products from it and using them again. Example: Having work places with recycling partner to collect and Recycle plastic products and we just need to encourage them. 

As we produce hundred millions tons of plastic every year, most of which can not be recycled or need effective recycling unit so it's obvious that we need to use less plastic, move towards sustainable products and services and come up with technology that recycles plastic more efficiently. 

Being more specific about plastics awareness, I like to turn your heads towards 'single use plastics' for now.

Single-use plastics, also known as disposable plastics, are intended to be used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. These includes plastic bags, disposable cutlery, bottles, straws, containers, coffee stirrers, soft drink and water bottles and most food packaging. Single-use plastic is everywhere. In a matter of mere decades, it has seeped into every corner of our lives.

Awareness about plastics and single use plastics

We think it’s normal to use a single-use plastic water bottles, take-away coffee cup, fruits, vegetables or other food products wrapped in disposable plastic packaging, and most popular 'a plastic bag' – but now we need to say big ' No' to them.

You know, Fossil fuels (petroleum products) take millions of years to form, then they are mined and manufactured into single-use plastic items, and transported to us, simply to be used for a couple of minutes before being discarded into environment for nothing to do over next thousands of years.

So here is point, protest the single use plastics to protect our environment for the future as we all have 'the power of revolution' and better knowledge of our actions, and their consequences.

Monday, 25 June 2018

'A thankful note' for all parents

Hey parents, living in every corner of the mother earth; this is my thankful note to all of you, saluting to your selfless parenthood and I really value it from the bottom of my heart as I am also rooting for the same.

A parent; mother or father is someone who willingly, always there to support and care her or his child with utmost unconditional love, patience and sensibilities. They come together as parents to upbring their kids from a completely innocent infant to a socially responsible person by providing them  emotional, social, psychological, educational and financial support with ultra protection. They simply live to love their kids and thus are always above everything as their love is so unconditional that no one could replace it ever.

The journey of parenthood is not simple at all. Only you, parents; know how do you all managing it selflessly with your own unique style. That's why I found it worthy to dedicate this simplest and not enough 'Thankful Note' to all of you. 

Though, parents never need any kind of appreciation from anyone, it might motivate many like me or who sometimes face routine troubles to deal with kids.

Parents, you go through various  kinds of resposibities while raising your kids with plenty of to-do and not-to-do lists at different stages of life.

When kid is to be born, mother to be take care of herself, like never before and never after also, while father to be speeds up in gathering all strenghts, necessary to secure his kid's future. On arrival of baby, both of you, just dedicate yourselves pampering your young one as parents to be best.

Sleepless night, half-eaten food plate, edging social life, ignored health care,  anxiety about future, side lined career specially in mother cases..and many more issues just get vanish within a second, on 'one' smile of your kids...... How wonderfully this parenthood heals it's  many worries with mere happiness of kids.

Many times, being parents; you have to go through roller coaster ride of appreciation and critism regarding your parenting. Free advices and tips will never end, few being actually needed.

Keeping moral values in head and monitoring your role play character in  kids upbringing matters a lot. It's not difficult but not simple too because kids have their own way towards approaching every other situations and you are always there to guide, to appreciate and sometimes you even get angry with them to alert or seek good out of it; hoping kids will understand the case. And when kids grows up, you all need to be considerably flexible with kids in giving advice or making decisions. Your parenthood rewards to be proud that time when your kid respect your journey as a person and understand you as a parent with their affection and not just with their academical or social achievements.

Me as daughter do admire my parents 'parenthood' but being parent of daughters I just salute their parenting as well as of all parents.

"Parents, you all are priceless entities....."

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Story tale : 'Diary pages and two men'

Fascinating over an idea of storytelling, I have weaved one.......

          'Diary pages and two men'

Once upon a time, there  was a man; living away from his family to earn livelihood. He was working hard enough to be rich soon. The only problem was: his phobia for 'loneliness' and even regular visits to family; living in neighbouring town didn't worked.

On 'a good advice' of a friend, the man  started socializing with neighbourhoods but being introvert; failed miserably.

Then, he began to spend more time at office and less at home to avoid boredom of been 'lone', till one late evening..........

On the way; back to home, the man mistakenly took different route and while,  wandering across a small lane, he found many scattered pages, nearby a locked house. He felt something extraordinary about them; might be their supreme quality or 'decorated' corner sides. The man instantly crushed over them to pilled up and brought home.

That 'very' night while moving fingers gently over the pages, he received a kind warmness and decided to adhere them into 'a diary' with a name, 'Dear Diary pages'.

Day by day, the man started filling up the diary pages with his sweet and sour moments and felt lucky to have desirable companion who successfully faded out his loneliness.

Getting, a very warm and affectionate  treatment, unknowingly the dairy came to consciousness and began to wait for his admirer to write over her, every single thought of him.

The man, now; increasingly became so fond of the dairy and started carry her almost work and also during his family visits.

On, one of such visit, his family wished to accompany him soon. He accepted willingly.

After a few days, his family arrived and the man seemed to be more happier. Though, he had managed the time between work and family, it became difficult for him to spend much time with the dairy that he use to spend earlier. The dairy kept waiting for her master, every day with same admiration but left ignored at the end.

There after, 'the dairy pages' left cornered; heartbroken and alone, thus became unconscious over time.

Few months later, the man's wife sold out the 'torn' diary with old newspapers without concern of the man. While going through rocky small lane in a small cart, some of the 'uninked' dairy pages got fall nearby the same house, from where the man picked up them.

Next morning, another man located and gathered the dairy pages and welcomed to 'home'.

Again, the dairy pages waked up to bit consciousness with the very 'familiar'  touch of second man. She saw herself again as a dairy and a series of letters were inked over her.

Dairy, regaining full memory; remembered actually she was belonged to the second man only. As this man use to spend much time with dairy pages, actually decorating them to write letters to his wife for an occasion of their marriage  anniversary. But, being unaware; his wife  threw the pages from window with the envy when the man was on tour and she left to visit her relatives.

Returning from tour, the man became sad as he didn't find his pages but got busy in life with 'the hope'.

Now, he miraculously found 'his pages' back. He summoned them to 'a lively diary'......full of praise and gift  his wife who was coming to home after a vacation.

Moral: True friend meant to share loyality and not just loneliness.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

'Tiny' lessons from nature's beauty

Nature's beauty, often greet us, in it's own way. It rekindles our thoughts, to visualise and to enjoy every small cheer along with bigger celebrations; equally. Fortunately I have been just coincided with the same.

'Other' dawn awakened me with its 'chirping alarms' and I got on my toes to be fit.

Running eastward, I was mesmorised to witness an eternal 'sunshined' dawn that kept me approaching towards it.

Parallel to roadside; plenty of nature's oxygen generators were planted. They pumped up surrounding breezes too fresh to breathe and thus, made me to run for an extra meter. Soon afterwards, I opted to walk lazily and got accompanied by my best friends......'wandering thoughts'.

Visualing scenic beauty; breathing oxygen-rich air; burning 'unhealthy' fats and being in best friend's company that all continued to enhance my positive perception towards life.

Going back to home; I was glorified to sight at 'the universal symbol of affection' : the beautiful red rose. I stopped in admiration.
Rose; being so attractive was a worth of watch. It had vibrant red colour, half opened petals; jewelled with shiny dew drops and sharing its space half opened bud. As it was emerged from prominent arm of potted mother plant, glittering with plenty of sunshine. And with fresh gesture; it seemed to greet me, "a very Good morning".

Fascinated over 'magnificent rose beauty', I just glanced it's ground and background with much ignorance. Suddenly, I received another morning greetings with low utter. Though, I was not pleased, surprisingly looked at ground. I couldn't find any of delegates there and again turned my eyeballs for a glimpse of 'more emphasised rose'.

Again I noticed another salutation, I gazed at ground near potted rose plant, this time; more carefully and thus, recognised one who was actually greeting me ......

Close to the ground, on a short slender stem branch, that 'tiny' flower with colour of happiness; yellow, smiling towards me with much more please to get noticed. I lowered my posture for closer look of it.

After a minute observations, I was delighted to see 'an unexpected  beauty of that tiny flower'. Its petals were reflecting golden shimmer ...full of dazzling elegance.
It left me with quite, satisfactory amusement. 

Indeed, this made my vision more cordial to coordinate nature's 'tiny flowers' greetings with life's small joy moments as both can appeal us with momentary yet delightful happiness that might make great difference in our approach towards life but we ignore them over bigger fascinated one.

Life, regularly uploads the happiness along with odds. We keep focusing on the bigger 'cheer hours', neglect many of 'happy minutes' which can be equally valuable to manage life's 'ups and downs' more smoothly.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

My memories with 'Tara - The twinkling lady'

'Tara', Hindu name; means a twinkling star,
belongs to my maternal grandmother.

A week ago, my sister suddenly called up for video chat and told someone wants to see me. She handed phone to....

An oval wheatish face appeared on my phone screen; with wrinkled skin; sparse eyebrows; pointed nose; lips seems to shrunk like faded rose petals; grey hairs covered with part of unpinned, printed saree she wore .... 'My Granny'.

A 78 years old deepened eyes twinkling with wisdom of experience seems to be confused where to look either in the front camera of phone or display screen. Obviously she chose later one, as she saw my smile on it and eagerly gave back 'most adorable smile' with a very familiar complaint that I don't call her on regular basis.

She continued her talk; asking whereabouts of my daughters and life abroad. After answering all of her questions, finally I got a chance to ask about her health to which she replied with sigh "I have been weakened now days".... and sudden her facial expression murged to be pale. She ordered me "keep calling" and gave back phone to my sister.

Me and my sister wrapped up our talk soon as sister found me not so attentive that very moment and she was right....

My thoughful eyes were still glued to sudden  disapperant granny's wrinkled face and each single line of wringle has story of her graceful ageing summoned to my memories as a deep affectionated tale......

Granny got married at the age of mid thirteen to grandpa who had very impactful persona. Though, she use to look comparatively ordinary; her abilities of firm decision and caring approach made her 'a lady' behind all the success achieved by Grandpa. 

During childhood, I use to visit 'Granny's town', twice a year for vacations when she use to wore a well pinned up, ironed saree and looked very pretty. I do remember, many incident of that time. One of them; actually bumped me to know her name...... A prime time 'Drama serial' that my granny use to watch without missing a single episode led me in surprise when I found her with very much concern towards the main character....who was sharing her name with granny.

Many things I wonder about her; includes her mathematical skills even she hardly completed her primary schooling; correct interpretations about  people; and energetic stamina of her slender  body but after grandpa; it all fastened to be aged and weakened too......

I realised the value of having such 'wonderful grandmother' when my parents sent me to granny's place for higher studies and it was her encourement and support, helped me to became 'university topper' in my post graduation. 

I shared a very warm bond with her by that time. I do remember, she use to wait for me; to return from college peeping through window as like a mother of small kid, she made delicious food for me specially buttery chapaties, she guided and guarded me very well when needed. I also looked after her, by taking her on regular doctor visit, bringing her favourite milkshakes and juices, making calls for her and specially listening to her complaints genuinely.

She not only built up an inner strong soul of mine but also became a lightening path for me in many difficulties. Thus how I admire my granny, 'Tara' like a twinkling star who is brightened with affectionated light of wisdom.....

I am happy and excited to share these memories with my kids about their 'great' great grandmother.

Friday, 25 May 2018

'Picture perfekt Ingelheim'

Picturesque landscape : with craggy 'rolling hills',sun-drenching 'fertile' valley along with gem-blue stream of soulful  'Rhein river' that all furnish to an attractive paradise to 'Ingelheim am Rhein', a town situated in Mainz-Bingen district of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Now, it has been a month, I with my two daughters landed here, accompanied my husband, working for a well established pharmaceutical that gifted an industrial  prestige to this 'Red Wine' town which altogether known for its world famous  'International Tage' : artistic exhibition orientated cultural festival that been regularly hosted by company since 1959. For the year of 2018, it will be held in month of August to attend it; I and my husband super excited !!!!!

After being witness of town verdant, I discovered a wonderful photographer in myself; who is not restricted to only those  'selfies' and captured perfect frames around the town with any angle, though 'the truth'  revealed soon that it's not my extraordinary photographic effects but 'simply beautiful' Ingelheim itself.....

A month old residency to 'Ingelheim' led me know about several other aspects of town.
The historical files are inked with name of Ingelheim; by later half era of 8th century, when the Emperor Charles, had an imperial palace erected on hill, high above the Rhein river which was one of the magnificent palace of that time and soon became a venue for imperial diets, lodging and conferences. Nowdays town has a Museum dedicated to the Imperial Palace, showcased small archaeological finds like famous gold coin 'solidus'; objects from architectural sculpture and a demonstrative model of the once imposing building, provide comprehensive information about the history of the area to the visitors of 'Majestic town' lngelheim.

Town also has a range of other historical buildings worth seeing: Burgkirche; Ober-Ingelheim Old Town Hall; Bismarck Tower and many others including parks and manuments.'Ingelheim Red Wine Festival' on the Burgkirche Fairgrounds, is held each year from the last weekend in September, is one of the popular and like many visitors I also don't want to miss it for sure.

Ingelheim's fertile valley just not only famous with Vineyards for red wine but also widely known for high yield of asparagus fields with cherries and plums making this beautiful piece of Deutschland   'an economically impressive town'.

High quality of living summoned to 'summer wine festival parade and winter Christmas tale' this scenic 'Ingelheim' equally parallelized by easy transport system of bus; railways with near by cities like Mainz, Wiesbaden, Bingen and Frankfurt Airport: the gateway to the world. Ingelheim also have fascinating super markets and shops, making living here; super cool. Thus how 'Ingelheim am Rhein' is continue to be attractive destination for visitors.

Well....along with all these quantitative information, warm greetings of known locals and those perfectly framed pictures of Ingelheim to be remain always with my memories.

For few last days as 'Ingelheim resident' I have planned something mesmorising to explore : a travel through ship across the 'dreamy' Rhein river; along the town stretches, showing my kids fluttering swans, hiking excursion paths and scenic beauty of 'picture perfect Ingelheim'.