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Thursday, 5 July 2018

Awareness about plastics and single use plastics

Nowadays, What's app is successfully crawling the message of 'plastic ban' over an environmental awareness and I am sensibly happy for it because I have already implemented it, a year back. Though I am trying hard enough, it's really difficult to get out of this 'plastic world' completely. 

Plastics are synthetic polymers of organic origin and have enormous 'easy to use'  properties like light weight, water proof , transparent as well as available with all colour shades, non-corrosive, easy to mold in various shapes and sizes, resistance to shock, low electrical and thermal conductivity, good durability, low cost, easy to manufacture and many more. Thus how we are addicted to the convenience of plastics and made them part of our everyday life: at home, work places, automobiles, construction areas, medical fields and other sectors. 

Eventually our convinient plastics are presenting many problems. As plastics are made from petroleum, a crude oil product by heating and catalysing the monomers like ethylene and propylene into polymers like polyethylene and polypropylene; which are not found in nature and thus there are no organisms capable of decomposing or degrading it over thousands of years, letting them polluting the environment at staggering rate. Beside this, plastics are flammable and can not be safely burnt releasing toxic chemicals in to environment which can be responsible for health hazards like cancer, birth defects, impaired immunity and many other ailments. Plastics are killing  animals and birds as they eat plastics products by mistake.Plastics are also when seeps into water bodies like river and oceans, they adversely affect aquatic life as well litter up our beautiful shorelines.

Coming to the solutions, landfill sites provided a good option where all the waste is gets desposed off and mostly of it is plastics. We produce millions of plastics every year and more than half of it goes to landfills as waste from all over the world, thinking as our planet is large one but it is not that large as we think it is. We are sharing it with billions of people, altogether contribute to plastic waste at an alarming rate and we can not escape from the consequences of throwing away that much of plastics which take hundreds of years to break down. Obiviously, it would end in making our planet as 'plastic planet'.

So what are other options ?

For the sake of a good environmental profile, we also have 3Rs :- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, well known waste management programmes.

Reduce is about cutting down the amount of waste that we are making. Example: Use washable dishes instead of paper plates and cups.

Reuse means opting out different ways to use waste and avoid throwing it all put. Example: plastic cup and containers can be reused to store things or can become a part of art and craft projects.

Recycle is a method of using the trash for remaking new products from it and using them again. Example: Having work places with recycling partner to collect and Recycle plastic products and we just need to encourage them. 

As we produce hundred millions tons of plastic every year, most of which can not be recycled or need effective recycling unit so it's obvious that we need to use less plastic, move towards sustainable products and services and come up with technology that recycles plastic more efficiently. 

Being more specific about plastics awareness, I like to turn your heads towards 'single use plastics' for now.

Single-use plastics, also known as disposable plastics, are intended to be used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. These includes plastic bags, disposable cutlery, bottles, straws, containers, coffee stirrers, soft drink and water bottles and most food packaging. Single-use plastic is everywhere. In a matter of mere decades, it has seeped into every corner of our lives.

Awareness about plastics and single use plastics

We think it’s normal to use a single-use plastic water bottles, take-away coffee cup, fruits, vegetables or other food products wrapped in disposable plastic packaging, and most popular 'a plastic bag' – but now we need to say big ' No' to them.

You know, Fossil fuels (petroleum products) take millions of years to form, then they are mined and manufactured into single-use plastic items, and transported to us, simply to be used for a couple of minutes before being discarded into environment for nothing to do over next thousands of years.

So here is point, protest the single use plastics to protect our environment for the future as we all have 'the power of revolution' and better knowledge of our actions, and their consequences.

Friday, 25 May 2018

'Picture perfekt Ingelheim'

Picturesque landscape : with craggy 'rolling hills',sun-drenching 'fertile' valley along with gem-blue stream of soulful  'Rhein river' that all furnish to an attractive paradise to 'Ingelheim am Rhein', a town situated in Mainz-Bingen district of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Now, it has been a month, I with my two daughters landed here, accompanied my husband, working for a well established pharmaceutical that gifted an industrial  prestige to this 'Red Wine' town which altogether known for its world famous  'International Tage' : artistic exhibition orientated cultural festival that been regularly hosted by company since 1959. For the year of 2018, it will be held in month of August to attend it; I and my husband super excited !!!!!

After being witness of town verdant, I discovered a wonderful photographer in myself; who is not restricted to only those  'selfies' and captured perfect frames around the town with any angle, though 'the truth'  revealed soon that it's not my extraordinary photographic effects but 'simply beautiful' Ingelheim itself.....

A month old residency to 'Ingelheim' led me know about several other aspects of town.
The historical files are inked with name of Ingelheim; by later half era of 8th century, when the Emperor Charles, had an imperial palace erected on hill, high above the Rhein river which was one of the magnificent palace of that time and soon became a venue for imperial diets, lodging and conferences. Nowdays town has a Museum dedicated to the Imperial Palace, showcased small archaeological finds like famous gold coin 'solidus'; objects from architectural sculpture and a demonstrative model of the once imposing building, provide comprehensive information about the history of the area to the visitors of 'Majestic town' lngelheim.

Town also has a range of other historical buildings worth seeing: Burgkirche; Ober-Ingelheim Old Town Hall; Bismarck Tower and many others including parks and manuments.'Ingelheim Red Wine Festival' on the Burgkirche Fairgrounds, is held each year from the last weekend in September, is one of the popular and like many visitors I also don't want to miss it for sure.

Ingelheim's fertile valley just not only famous with Vineyards for red wine but also widely known for high yield of asparagus fields with cherries and plums making this beautiful piece of Deutschland   'an economically impressive town'.

High quality of living summoned to 'summer wine festival parade and winter Christmas tale' this scenic 'Ingelheim' equally parallelized by easy transport system of bus; railways with near by cities like Mainz, Wiesbaden, Bingen and Frankfurt Airport: the gateway to the world. Ingelheim also have fascinating super markets and shops, making living here; super cool. Thus how 'Ingelheim am Rhein' is continue to be attractive destination for visitors.

Well....along with all these quantitative information, warm greetings of known locals and those perfectly framed pictures of Ingelheim to be remain always with my memories.

For few last days as 'Ingelheim resident' I have planned something mesmorising to explore : a travel through ship across the 'dreamy' Rhein river; along the town stretches, showing my kids fluttering swans, hiking excursion paths and scenic beauty of 'picture perfect Ingelheim'.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Its a 'Sand play' time.

Contradictory to our sophisticated  behaviour of holding things for long, by any means ; these 'sand granules' make us happy while releasing them through hands, willingly.

An ideal way of 'Sand play' do not exist. Though, the basic ways that come naturally to almost everyone involves touching the soft sand granules by palm span, feeling its texture, drawing lines over it with fingers and toes, piling up it's layers, scooping to build castles, picking up to handful and watching it falling down.......

My scenario of 'Sand play' got more expanded due to my kids. Both 7 years and 3 years olds love to play outdoors and me also wants the same as it's more worth than just watching T.V. and you tube videos for hours. So these kids are always ready with their gardening kind toy tools and me offcoarse, for play outings. Nearby garden serve them exactly :a good playground field with sliders, swings, rope climbing and one more 'fascinating play' : sand, making it not restricted to beach only.

Absence of a shock absorbent surface in playground increases the risk of injury in a fall for kids. Accordingly, playgrounds are surfaced with a variety of good absorbing materials like sand as better protective layer as well as  play zone. Safe sand with appropriate moisture content, surfaced up to few inches from playground so kids could enjoy their activities harmlessly.

Making sand castles and miniatures buildings is the most popular among all age groups. Even my little one built up sand castle in few minutes and enjoy it like building ' a historical manuments'. Elder one also but now she is able to handle its destruction too. She loves to make sand houses and connecting their ways. Back time I have asked her what that means she smiled and told me she do built up her friends sandhouses along joined routes means they would be remain connected always : heart touching one. It was one of an impactful  experience that how sand play helps kids creative, sporty and expressive along with social interaction.

Now being indoor through "sandbox" ;  sand play not only develops well eye - hand co-ordination of our kiddies but also improves their concentration skills. Sand play also has therapeutic significant as activities like scooping up wet sand, feeling it in our palms, writing or making patterns in the sand pit can work wonderfully for kids physical and mental health.Now days colourful sand designs and dramatically  illuminated sand play shows
are also quite famous.

Thus 'the journey tale' of a sand from being the part of mountainous solid rock to the ' play toy' is amazing to tell to kids but for now I want my little one to learn to wait for her turn and share her stuffs with others and 'sand play' is the help.

Its a 'Sand play' time