Saturday, 15 May 2021

The motivated mind: I can do it !!!


             The motivated mind: I can do it !!!

We, human beings are always in a kind of hypnotic trance and are hypnotized by our beliefs, situations, and attractions of our surrounding world and sometimes we also make temporary consciousness out of it.

We do also work and think in a trance-like state. We need to somehow awaken and make the mind multidimensional that means simply dehypnotize ourselves. 

To Come out of this conditioned or limited mind we require to shed our routine thoughts. Let our mind be free from its prejudices thinking and also from believing that there is nothing beyond a certain set of imposed barriers and limitations. 

There are ways to unleash or set the mind, free. We can uncondition our conditioned mind. 

First, understand that our mind has been conditioned, and know there is a way to set it free. Then explore the ways and means of doing this; and implement what we discover. 

Here is the story from my experience -it illustrates how I get carried with conditioned thinking. Here, conditioned thinking is referred to as a process of our mind that has been practiced repeatedly to think in a certain way.

For a specific period and reason , my cooking skills had to remained underdeveloped particularly in “the traditional” food numbers. Though I could cook normal food nicely.  I learned a lot from my mother-in-law and commenced enjoying an unexplored area of cooking. She was one of the best chefs to learn from.

As time went by,  now I can cook whatever I think of;  any continental or traditional cuisine ( good or not good but I do not restrict myself to cook it). 

But yes, there was a time when by getting repeatedly not-so-good comments on some of my cooked foods, and, also not being satisfied with myself; gradually, I started conditioning my mind that I just can not cook good food. Then, I even restricted myself voluntarily on cooking those food items. 

The motivated mind

It was a conscious hypnotic state for me to think of not being a good cook. 

Fortunately, soon I realized that when I have cooked with the free mind ( being unconscious with my so-called belief that I can not cook well) I did wonder....and made many flavorful snacks and meals.

Witnessing my vibrant cooking skills after then; I can say that my unconscious “motivated mind” helped me not only to emerge out of the hypnotic trance of my own pseudo belief but also discovered new skills in me. Now I always cook food with a free mind which is not restricted to any prejudices...and I am enthusiastically satisfied with it.