Monday, 25 June 2018

'A thankful note' for all parents

Hey parents, living in every corner of the mother earth; this is my thankful note to all of you, saluting to your selfless parenthood and I really value it from the bottom of my heart as I am also rooting for the same.

A parent; mother or father is someone who willingly, always there to support and care her or his child with utmost unconditional love, patience and sensibilities. They come together as parents to upbring their kids from a completely innocent infant to a socially responsible person by providing them  emotional, social, psychological, educational and financial support with ultra protection. They simply live to love their kids and thus are always above everything as their love is so unconditional that no one could replace it ever.

The journey of parenthood is not simple at all. Only you, parents; know how do you all managing it selflessly with your own unique style. That's why I found it worthy to dedicate this simplest and not enough 'Thankful Note' to all of you. 

Though, parents never need any kind of appreciation from anyone, it might motivate many like me or who sometimes face routine troubles to deal with kids.

Parents, you go through various  kinds of resposibities while raising your kids with plenty of to-do and not-to-do lists at different stages of life.

When kid is to be born, mother to be take care of herself, like never before and never after also, while father to be speeds up in gathering all strenghts, necessary to secure his kid's future. On arrival of baby, both of you, just dedicate yourselves pampering your young one as parents to be best.

Sleepless night, half-eaten food plate, edging social life, ignored health care,  anxiety about future, side lined career specially in mother cases..and many more issues just get vanish within a second, on 'one' smile of your kids...... How wonderfully this parenthood heals it's  many worries with mere happiness of kids.

Many times, being parents; you have to go through roller coaster ride of appreciation and critism regarding your parenting. Free advices and tips will never end, few being actually needed.

Keeping moral values in head and monitoring your role play character in  kids upbringing matters a lot. It's not difficult but not simple too because kids have their own way towards approaching every other situations and you are always there to guide, to appreciate and sometimes you even get angry with them to alert or seek good out of it; hoping kids will understand the case. And when kids grows up, you all need to be considerably flexible with kids in giving advice or making decisions. Your parenthood rewards to be proud that time when your kid respect your journey as a person and understand you as a parent with their affection and not just with their academical or social achievements.

Me as daughter do admire my parents 'parenthood' but being parent of daughters I just salute their parenting as well as of all parents.

"Parents, you all are priceless entities....."

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Story tale : 'Diary pages and two men'

Fascinating over an idea of storytelling, I have weaved one.......

          'Diary pages and two men'

Once upon a time, there  was a man; living away from his family to earn livelihood. He was working hard enough to be rich soon. The only problem was: his phobia for 'loneliness' and even regular visits to family; living in neighbouring town didn't worked.

On 'a good advice' of a friend, the man  started socializing with neighbourhoods but being introvert; failed miserably.

Then, he began to spend more time at office and less at home to avoid boredom of been 'lone', till one late evening..........

On the way; back to home, the man mistakenly took different route and while,  wandering across a small lane, he found many scattered pages, nearby a locked house. He felt something extraordinary about them; might be their supreme quality or 'decorated' corner sides. The man instantly crushed over them to pilled up and brought home.

That 'very' night while moving fingers gently over the pages, he received a kind warmness and decided to adhere them into 'a diary' with a name, 'Dear Diary pages'.

Day by day, the man started filling up the diary pages with his sweet and sour moments and felt lucky to have desirable companion who successfully faded out his loneliness.

Getting, a very warm and affectionate  treatment, unknowingly the dairy came to consciousness and began to wait for his admirer to write over her, every single thought of him.

The man, now; increasingly became so fond of the dairy and started carry her almost work and also during his family visits.

On, one of such visit, his family wished to accompany him soon. He accepted willingly.

After a few days, his family arrived and the man seemed to be more happier. Though, he had managed the time between work and family, it became difficult for him to spend much time with the dairy that he use to spend earlier. The dairy kept waiting for her master, every day with same admiration but left ignored at the end.

There after, 'the dairy pages' left cornered; heartbroken and alone, thus became unconscious over time.

Few months later, the man's wife sold out the 'torn' diary with old newspapers without concern of the man. While going through rocky small lane in a small cart, some of the 'uninked' dairy pages got fall nearby the same house, from where the man picked up them.

Next morning, another man located and gathered the dairy pages and welcomed to 'home'.

Again, the dairy pages waked up to bit consciousness with the very 'familiar'  touch of second man. She saw herself again as a dairy and a series of letters were inked over her.

Dairy, regaining full memory; remembered actually she was belonged to the second man only. As this man use to spend much time with dairy pages, actually decorating them to write letters to his wife for an occasion of their marriage  anniversary. But, being unaware; his wife  threw the pages from window with the envy when the man was on tour and she left to visit her relatives.

Returning from tour, the man became sad as he didn't find his pages but got busy in life with 'the hope'.

Now, he miraculously found 'his pages' back. He summoned them to 'a lively diary'......full of praise and gift  his wife who was coming to home after a vacation.

Moral: True friend meant to share loyality and not just loneliness.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

'Tiny' lessons from nature's beauty

Nature's beauty, often greet us, in it's own way. It rekindles our thoughts, to visualise and to enjoy every small cheer along with bigger celebrations; equally. Fortunately I have been just coincided with the same.

'Other' dawn awakened me with its 'chirping alarms' and I got on my toes to be fit.

Running eastward, I was mesmorised to witness an eternal 'sunshined' dawn that kept me approaching towards it.

Parallel to roadside; plenty of nature's oxygen generators were planted. They pumped up surrounding breezes too fresh to breathe and thus, made me to run for an extra meter. Soon afterwards, I opted to walk lazily and got accompanied by my best friends......'wandering thoughts'.

Visualing scenic beauty; breathing oxygen-rich air; burning 'unhealthy' fats and being in best friend's company that all continued to enhance my positive perception towards life.

Going back to home; I was glorified to sight at 'the universal symbol of affection' : the beautiful red rose. I stopped in admiration.
Rose; being so attractive was a worth of watch. It had vibrant red colour, half opened petals; jewelled with shiny dew drops and sharing its space half opened bud. As it was emerged from prominent arm of potted mother plant, glittering with plenty of sunshine. And with fresh gesture; it seemed to greet me, "a very Good morning".

Fascinated over 'magnificent rose beauty', I just glanced it's ground and background with much ignorance. Suddenly, I received another morning greetings with low utter. Though, I was not pleased, surprisingly looked at ground. I couldn't find any of delegates there and again turned my eyeballs for a glimpse of 'more emphasised rose'.

Again I noticed another salutation, I gazed at ground near potted rose plant, this time; more carefully and thus, recognised one who was actually greeting me ......

Close to the ground, on a short slender stem branch, that 'tiny' flower with colour of happiness; yellow, smiling towards me with much more please to get noticed. I lowered my posture for closer look of it.

After a minute observations, I was delighted to see 'an unexpected  beauty of that tiny flower'. Its petals were reflecting golden shimmer ...full of dazzling elegance.
It left me with quite, satisfactory amusement. 

Indeed, this made my vision more cordial to coordinate nature's 'tiny flowers' greetings with life's small joy moments as both can appeal us with momentary yet delightful happiness that might make great difference in our approach towards life but we ignore them over bigger fascinated one.

Life, regularly uploads the happiness along with odds. We keep focusing on the bigger 'cheer hours', neglect many of 'happy minutes' which can be equally valuable to manage life's 'ups and downs' more smoothly.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

My memories with 'Tara - The twinkling lady'

'Tara', Hindu name; means a twinkling star,
belongs to my maternal grandmother.

A week ago, my sister suddenly called up for video chat and told someone wants to see me. She handed phone to....

An oval wheatish face appeared on my phone screen; with wrinkled skin; sparse eyebrows; pointed nose; lips seems to shrunk like faded rose petals; grey hairs covered with part of unpinned, printed saree she wore .... 'My Granny'.

A 78 years old deepened eyes twinkling with wisdom of experience seems to be confused where to look either in the front camera of phone or display screen. Obviously she chose later one, as she saw my smile on it and eagerly gave back 'most adorable smile' with a very familiar complaint that I don't call her on regular basis.

She continued her talk; asking whereabouts of my daughters and life abroad. After answering all of her questions, finally I got a chance to ask about her health to which she replied with sigh "I have been weakened now days".... and sudden her facial expression murged to be pale. She ordered me "keep calling" and gave back phone to my sister.

Me and my sister wrapped up our talk soon as sister found me not so attentive that very moment and she was right....

My thoughful eyes were still glued to sudden  disapperant granny's wrinkled face and each single line of wringle has story of her graceful ageing summoned to my memories as a deep affectionated tale......

Granny got married at the age of mid thirteen to grandpa who had very impactful persona. Though, she use to look comparatively ordinary; her abilities of firm decision and caring approach made her 'a lady' behind all the success achieved by Grandpa. 

During childhood, I use to visit 'Granny's town', twice a year for vacations when she use to wore a well pinned up, ironed saree and looked very pretty. I do remember, many incident of that time. One of them; actually bumped me to know her name...... A prime time 'Drama serial' that my granny use to watch without missing a single episode led me in surprise when I found her with very much concern towards the main character....who was sharing her name with granny.

Many things I wonder about her; includes her mathematical skills even she hardly completed her primary schooling; correct interpretations about  people; and energetic stamina of her slender  body but after grandpa; it all fastened to be aged and weakened too......

I realised the value of having such 'wonderful grandmother' when my parents sent me to granny's place for higher studies and it was her encourement and support, helped me to became 'university topper' in my post graduation. 

I shared a very warm bond with her by that time. I do remember, she use to wait for me; to return from college peeping through window as like a mother of small kid, she made delicious food for me specially buttery chapaties, she guided and guarded me very well when needed. I also looked after her, by taking her on regular doctor visit, bringing her favourite milkshakes and juices, making calls for her and specially listening to her complaints genuinely.

She not only built up an inner strong soul of mine but also became a lightening path for me in many difficulties. Thus how I admire my granny, 'Tara' like a twinkling star who is brightened with affectionated light of wisdom.....

I am happy and excited to share these memories with my kids about their 'great' great grandmother.