Saturday, 9 June 2018

'Tiny' lessons from nature's beauty

Nature's beauty, often greet us, in it's own way. It rekindles our thoughts, to visualise and to enjoy every small cheer along with bigger celebrations; equally. Fortunately I have been just coincided with the same.

'Other' dawn awakened me with its 'chirping alarms' and I got on my toes to be fit.

Running eastward, I was mesmorised to witness an eternal 'sunshined' dawn that kept me approaching towards it.

Parallel to roadside; plenty of nature's oxygen generators were planted. They pumped up surrounding breezes too fresh to breathe and thus, made me to run for an extra meter. Soon afterwards, I opted to walk lazily and got accompanied by my best friends......'wandering thoughts'.

Visualing scenic beauty; breathing oxygen-rich air; burning 'unhealthy' fats and being in best friend's company that all continued to enhance my positive perception towards life.

Going back to home; I was glorified to sight at 'the universal symbol of affection' : the beautiful red rose. I stopped in admiration.
Rose; being so attractive was a worth of watch. It had vibrant red colour, half opened petals; jewelled with shiny dew drops and sharing its space half opened bud. As it was emerged from prominent arm of potted mother plant, glittering with plenty of sunshine. And with fresh gesture; it seemed to greet me, "a very Good morning".

Fascinated over 'magnificent rose beauty', I just glanced it's ground and background with much ignorance. Suddenly, I received another morning greetings with low utter. Though, I was not pleased, surprisingly looked at ground. I couldn't find any of delegates there and again turned my eyeballs for a glimpse of 'more emphasised rose'.

Again I noticed another salutation, I gazed at ground near potted rose plant, this time; more carefully and thus, recognised one who was actually greeting me ......

Close to the ground, on a short slender stem branch, that 'tiny' flower with colour of happiness; yellow, smiling towards me with much more please to get noticed. I lowered my posture for closer look of it.

After a minute observations, I was delighted to see 'an unexpected  beauty of that tiny flower'. Its petals were reflecting golden shimmer ...full of dazzling elegance.
It left me with quite, satisfactory amusement. 

Indeed, this made my vision more cordial to coordinate nature's 'tiny flowers' greetings with life's small joy moments as both can appeal us with momentary yet delightful happiness that might make great difference in our approach towards life but we ignore them over bigger fascinated one.

Life, regularly uploads the happiness along with odds. We keep focusing on the bigger 'cheer hours', neglect many of 'happy minutes' which can be equally valuable to manage life's 'ups and downs' more smoothly.


  1. Having read few of ur blog, I see a sea change in ur writings. Also, ur adaptation was really very quick given that ur only few blogs old.

    Most mortals are attracted to things which are loud, who make their presence felt. However, there are many who are mute but their presence enhance the beauty of others. Ur blog brought importance to those flowers who are beautiful in their own way but probably unnoticed. I also appreciate the fact that Ur blog was not baised, u appreciated the small flowers without ridiculing the rose.

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