Friday, 15 May 2020

"Uncertainty and balancing life"

"Uncertainty and balancing life"

Life comprises a string of events that emerge one after another. Some of these events which occur like clockwork already possess a claim for their inevitable affairs; particularly birth, death, and our survival in it.

These events take place in every individual's life irrespective of his gender, age, financial or social status, and also whether he is good or evil in other’s wisdom. Though each of us knows that these events must take place at their destined time, there are certain elements of ‘uncertainty’ around them, and this are what make life more interesting.

There are several occasions in life when things seem to be really gloomy and no way out or no ray of light to be seen but eventually, these situations pass as there is no assurance that things have to be as they are. Thus, uncertainty sometimes also builds hope to live and is the reason for us to smile. 

Certainty is fine, but if it displaces this uncertainty in our life affairs, it will make life kinda boring as there will be no domain for speculation and nothing to anticipate in that case. What about the fun and excitement quotient for watching, or playing a game in which you already came to know who the winner is going to be? 

This elucidates, it is the uncertainty around the aftermath of the game that compels us to watch it. 

Therefore, pondering upon what life is all about, I speculate that it is not a steady voyage, but is filled with lots and lots of twists and turns arising mainly from these uncertainties. And in between these uncertainties, life’s voyage is navigated by our frequently shifting set of priorities, interests, wishes, and influence driven thoughts.

Considering myself, I have noticed that pursuing one interest has caused another to dwindle such as when my occupation of teaching becomes the main area of focus, my family and social life subsides. 

In this way, I discovered that ship of life needs a constant balancing act to propel through the anticipated voyage. Of course, there are a few who seemingly do it all and do it well, too. Nevertheless, they appear to be balancing it all by sacrificing at least a minute bit of either their career or family life or interests.

‘This is an art and artist needs to be applauded.’  

Uncertainty and balancing life

Now, here I perplex on some thoughts, 

‘Is there any way to do this without any compromise? ;

‘Can anyone really balance this perfectly, or is this just an illusion?’ ;

‘However, if a compromise is obliged for a balanced life, then doesn't the whole scenario change? ’ ;

‘If this is so, then a balanced life seems to be an illusion without compromising? Or do people who seem to have things in balance without compromise, perceive life differently? ’

It's not that all is smooth and steady in people’s career and family life, who balancing their life’s scenario; but perhaps it might be the way they look at things. Their idea of accepting things as they are and non-attachment to these things by letting them the way they are, that makes them so successful!

'Their perception of their life's' condition is the key to their balanced life.’

Earlier, I would be surprised to see some people simply float through life And would have found it hard to accept their attitude of gratitude even in adverse situations. Then, as time passed, I realized they were the ones who had figured out the exact meaning of life! So I gradually embarked on imitating them.

Truly, it was and is a real challenge- like balancing a small log piece in the fast-moving shaky currents of a river! And it has to be done without a facet of blame! And what I conclude is.......

Life gives us many second chances to do things up to our utmost satisfaction level and balancing act never ends.

It's a tricky match between our will power and our uncertain fate where winner and loser are never known. So, enjoy this game of life without taking either of the sides and be determined to pursue it despite setbacks.