Friday, 13 July 2018

Mind and health synchronization

During last few decades, I have noticed that, diseases related to stress and life style have increased tremendously. Occasionally I have also experienced the same but analysing the 'Mind-health synchronization': I am overpowering them.

Mind and health synchronization

Actually, stress related diseases first originate in one's mind then affect physically. It's our belief system, attitudes, habits or situations that lands us in mental instability results in poor mental health.

Some of the major warning signals of poor mental health are:

- Continuously unhappy
- Always worrying
- Mood swings
- Depression
- Disability to be with people
- Often get upset- if routine is disturb

And can cause multiple aches like regular insomnia: a sleep disorder, lethargy: a fatigue syndrome, or obesity, where no many times physical cause is detected.

All of these have direct impact on mental,  social, and physical health, due to which a series of hormonal changes occur. Many endocrine glands in the body get disturbed includes thyroid, parathyroid,  adrenal, ovaries, testis, pancreas,  pituitary and hypothalamus. It also found that stress also affects autonomous nervous system disturbing bodily functions like digestion and respiration, deteriorating our health.

Need to control over this, we have to check out for our cortisol levels. Cortisol is a ‘stress hormone’ that our bodies release in response to anxiety in mind; over prolonged periods, higher cortisol levels have been linked to a wide range of health derangements like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, a lowered immune response, arthritis and various other diseases including depression. Apparently our mind can make one sick or speed the healing process by stress management: poor or good, correspondingly.

It's important to note that "mind" is not synonymous with brain which we often think to be same. Instead, the mind consists of mental states such as thoughts, emotions, beliefs, attitudes, and images. The brain is the hardware kind that allows us to experience these mental states. Each mental state has a physiology associated with it—a positive or negative effect felt in the physical body. For example, the mental state of anxiety causes you to produce stress hormones. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can positively or negatively affect our health and body.

Now we understand 'mind' plays a vital role in promoting or deteriorating one's health.

On the other hand, what we do with our physical body: what we eat; quality and quantity, how much we exercise, even our posture can impact our mental state positively or negatively. 

Thus Mind and health synchronization is very much important to work on as both have an interrelationship between them. 

If we can strengthen this connection positively and understand it, we can conquer stress and related diseases. This can be achieved by empowering inner self by meditation and yoga like therapies as well as by paying attention to the inner world of thoughts, feelings, attitudes, visions to connect with the outer material world in better way and importantly, it will build up a good health and mind sync.

All of us can lead  to a successful happy and healthy life by having a positive mind outlook that not only can improve quality of life but also give our health a boost and this is what 'mind and health synchronization'. 


  1. Hi, I can't agree more ....

    I wonder what prompted u to select this topic. However, I must say u did justice.

    World is now more connected than the past. We have access to all super luxury life can offer, still I find yogi and buddhist monk are more happier than us. They direct their energy to conquer self, while we seek pleasure outside. Our mind is engaged in the pursuit of pleasing others than self.

    Most of us know the right way but we are so engrossed that we cannot tread that path.

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