Monday, 25 June 2018

'A thankful note' for all parents

Hey parents, living in every corner of the mother earth; this is my thankful note to all of you, saluting to your selfless parenthood and I really value it from the bottom of my heart as I am also rooting for the same.

A parent; mother or father is someone who willingly, always there to support and care her or his child with utmost unconditional love, patience and sensibilities. They come together as parents to upbring their kids from a completely innocent infant to a socially responsible person by providing them  emotional, social, psychological, educational and financial support with ultra protection. They simply live to love their kids and thus are always above everything as their love is so unconditional that no one could replace it ever.

The journey of parenthood is not simple at all. Only you, parents; know how do you all managing it selflessly with your own unique style. That's why I found it worthy to dedicate this simplest and not enough 'Thankful Note' to all of you. 

Though, parents never need any kind of appreciation from anyone, it might motivate many like me or who sometimes face routine troubles to deal with kids.

Parents, you go through various  kinds of resposibities while raising your kids with plenty of to-do and not-to-do lists at different stages of life.

When kid is to be born, mother to be take care of herself, like never before and never after also, while father to be speeds up in gathering all strenghts, necessary to secure his kid's future. On arrival of baby, both of you, just dedicate yourselves pampering your young one as parents to be best.

Sleepless night, half-eaten food plate, edging social life, ignored health care,  anxiety about future, side lined career specially in mother cases..and many more issues just get vanish within a second, on 'one' smile of your kids...... How wonderfully this parenthood heals it's  many worries with mere happiness of kids.

Many times, being parents; you have to go through roller coaster ride of appreciation and critism regarding your parenting. Free advices and tips will never end, few being actually needed.

Keeping moral values in head and monitoring your role play character in  kids upbringing matters a lot. It's not difficult but not simple too because kids have their own way towards approaching every other situations and you are always there to guide, to appreciate and sometimes you even get angry with them to alert or seek good out of it; hoping kids will understand the case. And when kids grows up, you all need to be considerably flexible with kids in giving advice or making decisions. Your parenthood rewards to be proud that time when your kid respect your journey as a person and understand you as a parent with their affection and not just with their academical or social achievements.

Me as daughter do admire my parents 'parenthood' but being parent of daughters I just salute their parenting as well as of all parents.

"Parents, you all are priceless entities....."

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