Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Its a 'Sand play' time.

Contradictory to our sophisticated  behaviour of holding things for long, by any means ; these 'sand granules' make us happy while releasing them through hands, willingly.

An ideal way of 'Sand play' do not exist. Though, the basic ways that come naturally to almost everyone involves touching the soft sand granules by palm span, feeling its texture, drawing lines over it with fingers and toes, piling up it's layers, scooping to build castles, picking up to handful and watching it falling down.......

My scenario of 'Sand play' got more expanded due to my kids. Both 7 years and 3 years olds love to play outdoors and me also wants the same as it's more worth than just watching T.V. and you tube videos for hours. So these kids are always ready with their gardening kind toy tools and me offcoarse, for play outings. Nearby garden serve them exactly :a good playground field with sliders, swings, rope climbing and one more 'fascinating play' : sand, making it not restricted to beach only.

Absence of a shock absorbent surface in playground increases the risk of injury in a fall for kids. Accordingly, playgrounds are surfaced with a variety of good absorbing materials like sand as better protective layer as well as  play zone. Safe sand with appropriate moisture content, surfaced up to few inches from playground so kids could enjoy their activities harmlessly.

Making sand castles and miniatures buildings is the most popular among all age groups. Even my little one built up sand castle in few minutes and enjoy it like building ' a historical manuments'. Elder one also but now she is able to handle its destruction too. She loves to make sand houses and connecting their ways. Back time I have asked her what that means she smiled and told me she do built up her friends sandhouses along joined routes means they would be remain connected always : heart touching one. It was one of an impactful  experience that how sand play helps kids creative, sporty and expressive along with social interaction.

Now being indoor through "sandbox" ;  sand play not only develops well eye - hand co-ordination of our kiddies but also improves their concentration skills. Sand play also has therapeutic significant as activities like scooping up wet sand, feeling it in our palms, writing or making patterns in the sand pit can work wonderfully for kids physical and mental health.Now days colourful sand designs and dramatically  illuminated sand play shows
are also quite famous.

Thus 'the journey tale' of a sand from being the part of mountainous solid rock to the ' play toy' is amazing to tell to kids but for now I want my little one to learn to wait for her turn and share her stuffs with others and 'sand play' is the help.

Its a 'Sand play' time


  1. Yup right.... Its a good time with family to spend 😊

  2. I appreciate ur frankness in admitting that there is no right way to play with sand. As parent we tend to guide our toddlers which I now believe is not right. Let them err, it will ebb. They wld make something different than our thoughts....

    Seas are boundary less feild....so is the sand never with any one it slowly slips from our fist....

    Thanks for bringing life to such a topic


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