Sunday, 20 May 2018

'Belated happy birthday' Little Sis

My dearest little Sis,

Belated happy birthday!!!!!!!!!
You might be surprised, getting birthday wish few days after your birthday.....from none other than your own elder sister. This has a purpose.

Family, relatives, friends and colleagues might have called up or messaged or even caught you right there to shower blessings on that auspicious day. Many of them might have brought gifts and sent cakes to express their affection towards you. Unlikely I am penning down ' an open letter ' to you. Because after this  'one day of every year' you  might wait for next one to be felt special and to keep that essence of being special around you I would like wish you belated happy birthday repeatedly.

Now, your gym trainned fit mind would ask why open letter......

This is not just a blog or letter but my blessings for your successfully happy life. I do believe that when we write something from heart to whom we love unconditionally, our blessings get locked inside composed words and whenever someone including you read it ; these blessings get unwrapped  and work miraculously again and again.

I know you also have same admirations and I absolutely love it when you express the same by sharing something of you to me. Though your remark about our age gap come in between. For me, having age gap; really don't matter because you could learn from my past mistakes to make better future choices and have someone to ask experimental things to proporous your life.
Anyway difference in thinking drawn by 'age gap' couldn't put strong bond of sisterhood on threshold. 

You have witnessed, every endeavor and hardship I’ve faced and supported me; sometimes guided too. You are the 'one' to whom I can always confide in and trust. I will be always thankful. I also want to apologise for that time when I was not there to listen your side or hold your hand.
I was busy in managing my family; rest of things you know.I do remember, many mesmerrisng moments of our together that help me when I was badly hurt and I never get carried away by them instead it made me strong. 

Dear sister, we just don't share 'divine parents' and 'sensible brother' but a bond beyond quotes. Remember people are born with their kind problems. Owing to many of cowards who blame destiny and people around for all ungratefullness;  few being focused keep going to achieve ultimate goal ; so understand the process as you are likely to be one of 'few' and have very keen inner strength. You have charismatic persona that you built up yourself ; positivity and gratitude will make it long lasting.

One last advice: Many times when things are not in our hand 'Win-win situation' could be a help.

"Live up to the full extent of your beautiful life by shaking one hand to responsibilities and hold self-esteem by other one."- Dad.

Always with you to remind  " you are too special". Blessed to love you sister.

Belated happy birthday!!!!