Sunday, 20 May 2018

'Belated happy birthday' Little Sis

My dearest little Sis,

Belated happy birthday!!!!!!!!!
You might be surprised, getting birthday wish few days after your birthday.....from none other than your own elder sister. This has a purpose.

Family, relatives, friends and colleagues might have called up or messaged or even caught you right there to shower blessings on that auspicious day. Many of them might have brought gifts and sent cakes to express their affection towards you. Unlikely I am penning down ' an open letter ' to you. Because after this  'one day of every year' you  might wait for next one to be felt special and to keep that essence of being special around you I would like wish you belated happy birthday repeatedly.

Now, your gym trainned fit mind would ask why open letter......

This is not just a blog or letter but my blessings for your successfully happy life. I do believe that when we write something from heart to whom we love unconditionally, our blessings get locked inside composed words and whenever someone including you read it ; these blessings get unwrapped  and work miraculously again and again.

I know you also have same admirations and I absolutely love it when you express the same by sharing something of you to me. Though your remark about our age gap come in between. For me, having age gap; really don't matter because you could learn from my past mistakes to make better future choices and have someone to ask experimental things to proporous your life.
Anyway difference in thinking drawn by 'age gap' couldn't put strong bond of sisterhood on threshold. 

You have witnessed, every endeavor and hardship I’ve faced and supported me; sometimes guided too. You are the 'one' to whom I can always confide in and trust. I will be always thankful. I also want to apologise for that time when I was not there to listen your side or hold your hand.
I was busy in managing my family; rest of things you know.I do remember, many mesmerrisng moments of our together that help me when I was badly hurt and I never get carried away by them instead it made me strong. 

Dear sister, we just don't share 'divine parents' and 'sensible brother' but a bond beyond quotes. Remember people are born with their kind problems. Owing to many of cowards who blame destiny and people around for all ungratefullness;  few being focused keep going to achieve ultimate goal ; so understand the process as you are likely to be one of 'few' and have very keen inner strength. You have charismatic persona that you built up yourself ; positivity and gratitude will make it long lasting.

One last advice: Many times when things are not in our hand 'Win-win situation' could be a help.

"Live up to the full extent of your beautiful life by shaking one hand to responsibilities and hold self-esteem by other one."- Dad.

Always with you to remind  " you are too special". Blessed to love you sister.

Belated happy birthday!!!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Its a 'Sand play' time.

Contradictory to our sophisticated  behaviour of holding things for long, by any means ; these 'sand granules' make us happy while releasing them through hands, willingly.

An ideal way of 'Sand play' do not exist. Though, the basic ways that come naturally to almost everyone involves touching the soft sand granules by palm span, feeling its texture, drawing lines over it with fingers and toes, piling up it's layers, scooping to build castles, picking up to handful and watching it falling down.......

My scenario of 'Sand play' got more expanded due to my kids. Both 7 years and 3 years olds love to play outdoors and me also wants the same as it's more worth than just watching T.V. and you tube videos for hours. So these kids are always ready with their gardening kind toy tools and me offcoarse, for play outings. Nearby garden serve them exactly :a good playground field with sliders, swings, rope climbing and one more 'fascinating play' : sand, making it not restricted to beach only.

Absence of a shock absorbent surface in playground increases the risk of injury in a fall for kids. Accordingly, playgrounds are surfaced with a variety of good absorbing materials like sand as better protective layer as well as  play zone. Safe sand with appropriate moisture content, surfaced up to few inches from playground so kids could enjoy their activities harmlessly.

Making sand castles and miniatures buildings is the most popular among all age groups. Even my little one built up sand castle in few minutes and enjoy it like building ' a historical manuments'. Elder one also but now she is able to handle its destruction too. She loves to make sand houses and connecting their ways. Back time I have asked her what that means she smiled and told me she do built up her friends sandhouses along joined routes means they would be remain connected always : heart touching one. It was one of an impactful  experience that how sand play helps kids creative, sporty and expressive along with social interaction.

Now being indoor through "sandbox" ;  sand play not only develops well eye - hand co-ordination of our kiddies but also improves their concentration skills. Sand play also has therapeutic significant as activities like scooping up wet sand, feeling it in our palms, writing or making patterns in the sand pit can work wonderfully for kids physical and mental health.Now days colourful sand designs and dramatically  illuminated sand play shows
are also quite famous.

Thus 'the journey tale' of a sand from being the part of mountainous solid rock to the ' play toy' is amazing to tell to kids but for now I want my little one to learn to wait for her turn and share her stuffs with others and 'sand play' is the help.

Its a 'Sand play' time

Friday, 11 May 2018

Pursue 'a hobby' to be an artist

Whenever my eyesight catches glimpse of still, silent, an enormous sky covered with light blue coloured bedsheet that have moving feathery white cushions of clouds; my wandering thoughts just get lie down on it and cuddle with those 'cushions' to mold and carve them into different shapes through my imagination : I just can't resist this funplay as a hobby.

Soon with open eyes that still resting on skybed I found myself into a half sleep dream that makes me fly high in the air with my thoughts.This place of high defined relief of being in self company takes me to another world where I do feel my internal existence through my thoughts.

At this self-reliable state, these thoughts help me to find answers for those questions that might have been left unanswered in my  brainy bag filled with daily deeds.

One such question and with its founded answer was:

"What should one do to feel own internal existence ?"

Considering external appearance 'mirror image' will get thumbs up but for internal  existence to be felt one need to find other ways to get connect with himself except if he desire to.

Just desiring can't be enough one must search the way accordingly ,with his own  internal 'interest' which might led him to know the specific things about self while accepting limitations. Certainly there are many ways to get connect with ourselves : reading interesting books , writing articles and poems , travelling  natural scenic places or historical sites , garderning wonder land and many other strange one, that all quite seems to be like our  'hobbies'. 

Yes, hobbies with which we can get along with ourselves and really can look through 'the mirror' that enable us to feel our existence for ourselves. Hobbies let us do something we love—something we don't have to do for any other or any other reason except that make us able to feel a rush of excitement and joy for own existence.

Hobbies are often something for which we think to have tons of free time even with bussy schedule.Having hobbies are worth because of the many emotional, mental, pschological and physical benefits like stress management in today's bussy bee life and leading our mind to new ways of seeing the world. Hobbies are also our internal mirror replicas as by knowing them one can have introduction with himself as well as could bond with others too, so preserve and serve hobbies to have joy ride with your own artistic persona.

What are my hobbies? One of them is quite strange and I have already shared it  in very first para of this article. It helped me to get connect with my own thoughts to build up self aura and I need to be thankful about.

Hmmm...In between this internal conversation, again I started my funplay hobby. This time I was shaping one of the cloud to look like my  little 'Angel's face'. After a while I called her, "Come here. Look ...." But I lowered my voice soon as that sculpture of cloud resembled to her could  only get recognised by an artist who carved it. Thanks to my 'hobby.

Pursue 'a hobby' to be an artist

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Inspiring silence

Isn't it true ....that 'Nature's beauty'  do hold silence. Silence that  can inspire our thought process.
Being in Nature's arm for a while even I do forget all my worries. That moment I can hear the silence which my mind sense deeply and my heart tries to hold a breath as to keep that feeling long lasting in my thoughts. Like blood corpuscles flows in veins to reach body parts and oxygenate  cells to energise them to do desired work  in same manner these inspired thoughts make their way in to my brain enable it to view fresh ideas through that silence of nature . How wonderfully Nature's silence inspire us to be creative with views ; to be fresh with memories ; to be innovative with ideas ; to be happy by forgetting our day today worries and lots more accordingly one's approach.

Somewhere as getting along with this Nature's silence  train , my hearing sense organ made me to hear other sounds too; chirping of birds, rustling of leaves , shopping sound of breeze and low whispering voices of nearby passing people . These various sounds actually join me on my  thoughtful journey and make it more ideally pleasant.

This silently heard Nature's voice reminds  me some of my very own memories with it just like mom use to tell her kids stories of their childhood who they forgot in between. One of mesmerising incident  with Nature I do get remember very well is of couple of week ago.

 I with my family of two daughters and their father were to explore  Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof and after taking fantastic express tour by bus ; we decided to take some amount of rest at Metzerpark. This park was so beautiful with people enjoying spring's sunny day. My kids just got engaged in catch play with pigeons in the park. My husband was there with kids to look after them as not getting them too close to river side. I was sitting on grass and as usual took Nature's silence train. Just I was travelling through it suddenly kind of small brown coloured 'helicopter ' landed on my knee side. I picked up it and observe carefully. Being a Botany student I got to know it was a fruit of Maple tree. There were hundreds of Maple fruits already have spreaded on grass little bit away from its huge parent trees. Maple tree fruits have seeds enclosed in it with a flattened wing of fibrous , paper tissue structure to have seed dispersion by means of wind. So these are shaped to spin in air to carry contained seeds to a considerable distance on the wind for further germination and propagation. Having such distinctive structure these fruits are known by many names like helicopters, whirlybirds.

I was started collecting some of Maple fruits from nearby grass playing with them by throwing in air and it's amazing as they spin and land on ground not that far away. Suddenly I thought might these maple fruits helped our mankind by their structure to invent something to fly so they are called as'helicopters' : the way that they spin as they fall. I was just picked up my phone googled to Wikipedia to look about maple fruit and as I was sure these maple seeds gave  idea to develop a special air drop which was used during world war II. That time it also added up to my knowledge through silence of Nature I have pursued mean while.

" Hey , Mom " ,my younger daughter said," I also want to play with it , what it is?" She took one of fruit wing from me started throwing them and clapping in between ; might be she was observing me from last some minutes and got attracted towards these 'whirlybirds' like me.

I look out around and stare at the fly of' ' Maple seed'  that my daughter just have thrown .....really Nature's silence is so contented for those who knows how to get inspire from it.

Inspiring silence

Inspiring silence